2FA has a new name: Silent Auth

Silence Laboratories
2 min readAug 31, 2022


Authenticate just at the flick of your phone!

We found a few vulnerabilities in both TOTP and PUSH based methods, the most popular methods of 2FAs in market.
Details in the article here: https://silencelaboratories.medium.com/how-2fas-are-fairing-in-the-2020s-a831834ab7ab

With Silent Auth, users can pass 2FA just at the flick of their phone!

Silent Auth is a multi-factor authentication suite developed by Silence Laboratories that reimagines privacy-preserving, peer-to-peer, and usable authentication among users and devices by combining cryptography, sensor fusion, and design science. The Silent Auth framework enables a secure, invisible, and effortless user experience for humans and machines using both web2 & web3.

How Silent Auth revamps the authentication ecosystem:

  1. A combination of extreme security along with usability gives Silent Auth a clear edge over all the existing authentication products, protocols, and practices in the space.
  2. The security is based on a combination of the following proofs: proof of position, proximity, legitimate possession, liveliness, GPS-independent colocation, and proximity-only authentication.
  3. There is no code to type, no app to open, and no secrets to remember. Authentication should not be a cognitive burden for the human mind.
  4. Silent Auth continuously adapts its security models based on the risk of capital and trust in the nature of the transaction involved.
  5. The risk estimation engine uses a trifecta of network layer adaptation, the nature of the transaction, and physical layer context adaptations.
  6. Silent Auth introduces continuous and passwordless authentication based on the context of the transaction as well as the user’s physical environment.

The uniqueness of Silent Auth comes from a signal processing and design-backed complimentary architecture on top of the current MFA architecture, being used in the industry. We are the first to bring concepts of context-awareness, multimodality, and local peer-to-peer verification into MFA ecosystem. We intend to make MFA much more usable to the extent that enterprises and users don’t have excuses for not adopting them. We argue that the future is going to witness a highly connected and heterogeneous world where humans, machines, and services interact typing codes or approving of push cannot be the way to support 2FA/MFA. We need to adopt a proof-centric architecture. Silent Auth is vowed to become that.



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